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a more effective storage option

Selective rack systems are one of the most versatile and cost-effective storage solutions for modern warehouses and distribution centers. Mathand can help any businesses to optimize their warehouse storage density and increasing accessibility while maintaining organized selectivity of inventory.

What is a Selective Rack System?

A selective rack system is comprised of two main components – upright frames set in rows and horizontal pallet beams that interlock into the upright frames at variable heights. The upright frames contain vertical columns with holes that allow the support beams to be mounted in increments. The pallet support beams create levels that can be adjusted to match pallet or load heights. This key advantage provides flexibility to accommodate various product sizes and weights. Wire mesh decking and pallet supports can also be added to distribute pallet loads better.

Forklifts are able to directly access desired pallets stored on the selective racking system without having to move other loads. This improves operational speed and order picking compared to alternatives like drive-in or push-back racks where pallets must be moved sequentially.

Selective racks can be configured in a wide variety of layouts optimized for your warehouse’s space, storage needs and order picking workflow. Selective racking can also be configured in roll-form style which uses lighter duty construction compared to structural racking, which is higher duty and higher in material costs, but both provide the strength to handle medium to heavy pallets. Learn more about roll-form vs structural rack.

Selective rack can also be designed in narrow aisles while still promoting a dense storage option and forklift maneuverability. High density storage is also possible by using double-deep selective racks that place pallets two deep on shelves.

Benefits of Selective Racking:


More affordable than many alternatives while providing durable storage.


Shelf heights are fully adjustable for various loads.

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Highly Accessible

All pallet locations have direct forklift access and are independently accessible unlike deep ground storage.

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Can withstands heavy use and provides a secure/safe storage solution.

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