Slip Sheet

Increasing Productivity & Reducing Labor cost

Slip sheet flow systems make a pallet-less warehouse a reality. Its innovative and unique entry/exit system allows forklifts to load and remove slip sheets from flow systems as well as product on standard type wooden and plastic pallets.

  • Standard wider roller system accommodates both pallets and slip sheets
  • Forks slide easily below loads
  • Eliminate empty pallet storage.
  • Reduce or eliminate pallet and disposal cost.
  • Eliminate product damage from stacking of unit loads on top of each other.
  • Increase productivity while reducing labor costs.
  • Gravity automatically advances inventory
  • Improve inventory management
  • Speed order fulfillment
  • Reduce packaging and shipping cost.
  • Slip sheets are 87% cheaper than pallets

Vast increase in building storage capacity up to 400% and reduced need for expensive building expansions. Reduce number and size of aisles increasing floor storage utilization. Example: 2000-unit load warehouse could increase its capacity by up to 12,800-unit loads.

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