Keg Flow

dense, multi-level keg storage

Gravity Keg Flow provides dense, multi-level keg storage. Keg Flow is very versatile and can store almost any size keg, and any product contained within a keg.  Keg Flow is high density racking designed to help you make the best of your keg storage, all the while maintaining selectivity and pick rate.

  • Keg Flow can be designed to be either First-In, First-Out (FIFO) with separate load and pick aisles, or First-In, Last-Out (FILO) similar to Push Back.
  • Keg Flow Rollers are designed around the specifications of the keg, with the typical roller size being 1/2″ wider than the diameter of the keg
  • Side rails are used to guide the kegs that can be varied in height
  • We can optimize your system especially for your unique needs in size and density
Keg Flow drawing square db655bc6b0f45a02353461e59ede3ad4 5bc1e188e1c79 - Keg Flow