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Increasing efficiency and ergonomics

Choosing the right Carton Flow Rack system for your business enables you to harness both for increased efficiency in your inventory management, storage space, and picking operations while improving safety.

The value of a Carton Flow Rack system lies in increased numbers of SKU’s in a smaller footprint, improving warehouse performance, and minimizing maintenance costs.  Check out the different options we offer and let us help you decide.

Wheel Carton Flow Rack

Wheel Carton Flow Racks are a type of dynamic storage system designed to facilitate the efficient flow of cartons or boxes of goods within a warehouse or distribution center. This is popular in the food and beverage industry for boxes of chips, soda, etc. Some things about wheel carton flow are:

  • Gravity-Driven Flow
  • Ideal for Pick Locations
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Easy Restocking

There are many options for Wheel Carton Flow, click below to find out more!

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Roller Carton Flow Rack

Roller Carton Flow Racks are a type of dynamic storage system designed to enhance order picking efficiency and streamline inventory management. This option is more durable than other options, but also has other advantages:

  • Metal Rollers for smooth surface
  • Customizable and Adjustable
  • Can hold more weight than other types
  • Very Durable

Roller Carton Flow has a lot of versatility, click below to learn more!

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Know What You Want?

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Continuous Carton Flow Rack

Unlike traditional Carton Flow Racks with individual lanes, Continuous Carton Flow Racks feature a continuous bed of rollers or conveyor wheels. This design allows cartons to flow seamlessly across the entire width of the rack. Some other advantages of this type are:

  • Continuous Flow
  • Ideal for High-Volume Picking
  • High Density
  • Integrates with Conveyor

Continuous Carton Flow is different from others, click below to find out more!

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Keg Flow

Keg flow racks are specialized storage systems designed for the efficient and organized storage of kegs, typically in beverage distribution and manufacturing facilities. These racks are equipped with roller beds, made of durable materials such as steel or polyethylene. These provide a smooth surface for kegs to roll on. Other Advantages are:

  • Minimal Friction
  • Custom Lane Sizes
  • Reduces Heavy Lifting/Handling
  • Perfect for Beverage Distribution

Can Keg Flow help you be more efficient? Click below to learn more!

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