Pick Planks

Improve the Ergonomics of Picking Products

Pick planks improve picking rates since the picker does not have to reach for items in the back.  In addition, stress and strain are reduced on an employee since they no longer have to bend and stretch so far to continue picking at an efficient rate.

Features and Benefits of the Pick-Plank Solution:

  • Retrofits to any standard GMA pallet so it easily installs on most pallets in your warehouse.
  • Solid surface carrier allows typically un-conveyable items due to packaging, shape and size to be carried.
  • Locking, self-contained pull bar stabilizes loads during transportation.
  • Movable carrier allows rear half of load to move to the front, allowing workers to pick products more ergonomically with minimal reach. It eliminates the need for entry clearance and maximizes storage density.
  • Roller bearing carrier slide pulls items forward with gentle force
  • Solid steel construction to support up to 1200 lbs.