Sling Lift Ergonomic System

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Ergonomic Electric Hoisting

  • Electric hoists with chains or straps can lift a wide variety of items from drums to suitcases.  Electric hoists feature an enclosed motor and lightweight aluminum housing.
  • Overhead hoists come equipped with a precision machined heat-treated, lifetime lubricated gear train and hardened chain guides.
  • When overload occurs, friction clutch overload protection kicks in to stop the hoist.
  • Ideal for the varied requirements of machine and maintenance shops, adjustable link chain or abrasion resistant latex strap slings do the work of multiple slings.
  • The chain sling is easily adjustable to accommodate a wide range of applications, allowing you to adjust leg length one or multiple links at a time.
  • Compact plate design fits larger hooks for easy rigging.
  • Heat treated alloy steel master control link for strength, reliability and long life.
  • Grade 100 alloy steel lifting chain offers higher capacities.
  • Angled plate design reduces bending torque on chain and plate, increasing sling life.
  • Wide top bearing surface reduces wear to both plate and crane hook.