Flex Wheel Conveyor

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Add Flexibility to Material Handling

Flex Wheel Gravity Conveyor is a type of gravity conveyor that can be instantly set up to create flexible conveyor lines for shipping and receiving, or packaging and assembly operations.


  • Portable and assembles fast for conveying where you need it and when
  • Best for flat-based items (boxes, cases ,cartons)
  • Rugged, heavy duty ABS plastic
  • Variable axles with centers up to 4.9″
  • Up to 200 LBs per linear foot load capacity
  • Temporary banked curves with minimum turning radius of 27″
  • Available in extendable lengths up to 24’7″ and 2 widths – 18″ or 24″
  • Adjustable height from 28″ to 44″
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