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Semi-Automated Retrieval System

Pallet Runner is a semi-automated deep lane storage system especially suited to high volume SKU applications. Pallet Runner maximizes storage density yet can be adapted to non-traditional and specialized loads.

Why choose Pallet Runner Semi-Automated Retrieval System?

  • Depth is an improvement over current storage solutions
  • Flexibility – systems easily integrate with traditional rack in the same footprint
  • Smarts – wide range of programming
  • Strength – carts can carry up to 4400 pounds
  • Adaptability – Customize carts for non-traditional and specialized loads
  • Pallet Runner is available in different sizes to suit a variety of pallet designs
  • Pallet Runner can be tailored to your needs

Special Features

  • Ambient or freezer environments
  • “Smart Sensor” technology for precise speed control and position detection
  • Optional WiFi Antenna
  • Safety Impact Bumpers
  • Powered by 48V Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Magnetic plates allow the cart to cling fast to truck forks
  • Audible sound acknowledgement of  commands and start
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