Roll Form Rack vs. Structural Rack

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Structural steel storage racks are made from hot steel which is rolled to make I beams and C channels. Structural steel is one of the strongest known building materials.

Roll form rack starts as a coil of steel.  While it is flat, the steel is processed through a punch that punches the holes which will later be used to attach the beams. After the steel has been punched it is sent through rollers which shape the steel.


Clip Together Roll Formed Rack

Lightweight and easy to move

Uses less steel which reduces cost

High weight capacities

Less expensive to install

Damage requires immediate repair or replacement

Strong because of its shape, but once compromised, it loses its strength

Easily damaged

Requires more maintenance than structural


Bolt Together Structural Rack

Bolted Connection

More abuse / impact resistant

Can cut and weld for repair

More expensive


More costly to install

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