Roll Form: Open Style Uprights vs. Closed Style Uprights

Types of Roll Form Rack  –  Open Style vs. Closed Style

Roll Formed Rack is made from a piece of flat steel that is “rolled” while cold to add strength. It is the most common type of Pallet Racking found in warehouses and is strong enough for most applications. Structural Rack is stronger and formed while heated. For more information on the differences between Structural and Roll Formed, see our other education piece here.

Roll Form Rack comes in 2 types – open and closed style. They are just exactly what they sound like – one has an open back, and the other is closed completely. See pictures below. 

The main difference is in impact resistance. Closed style will hold up better in an impact. Both are excellent, however, and both can benefit from adding upright protection. Check out our options for protecting your rack here. 

Open Style

Closed Style

Types of Roll Form Rack Punching

Tear Drop