Open vs Closed Style Roll Form Uprights

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Types of Roll Form Rack – Open Style vs. Closed Style

Open Style


Closed Style


While the greater comparison is between Structural and Roll Form Rack, there are a couple of differences between Open Style Roll Form and Closed Style Roll Form Rack.

Open style is more susceptible than closed style to impact and damage.

Along with that goes a lower cost and easier transportation between facilities.

Types of Roll Form Rack Punching

Tear Drop








There are several punching patterns; shown here are some of the most popular.  Punch patterns represent the connection style for Roll Form Racking. Some connection styles can be installed in less time and/or with less work. Some connection styles exist because of manufacturer proprietary products.

Tear drop is the most common of all types. Tear drop rack allows for beams to easily snap into place and is generally available in 3" and 4" column widths with all types of heights.

T-bolt is a patented style that requires only a front-end connection. That saves labor on installation and moving to a new location.

No matter what type of Racking you need, let us help you pick the right style and connection that is best suited for YOUR business.