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Mathand is one of the US’s leading specialists in the supply and installation of pallet rack systems. Our pallet rack systems are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety regulations backed by being competitively priced.

Pallet rack systems are designed to suit your requirements and take into account your individual needs. Whichever system you choose you can enjoy the benefits of quality pallet rack that is the product of over many years experience in the design and installation of pallet rack.

Types of Roll Formed Rack – Open Style vs. Closed Style

Open Style

open tear drop - Rack Education

Closed Style

closed speedrack - Rack Education

While the greater comparison is between Structural and Roll Formed Rack, there are a couple of differences between Open Style Roll Formed and Closed Style Roll Formed Rack.

Open style is more susceptible than closed style to impact and damage.

Along with that goes a lower cost and easier transportation between facilities.

Types of Roll Formed Rack Punching

Tear Drop

open tear drop - Rack Education


keystone - Rack Education


closed speedrack - Rack Education


t bolt - Rack Education

There are several punching patterns; shown here are some of the most popular.  Punch patterns represent the connection style for Roll Formed Rack. Some connection styles can be installed in less time and/or with less work. Some connection styles exist because of manufacturer proprietary products.

Tear drop is the most common of all types. Tear drop rack allows for beams to easily snap into place and is generally available in 3" and 4" column widths with all types of heights.

T-bolt is a patented style that requires only a front-end connection. That saves labor on installation and moving to a new location.

No matter what type of Rack you need, let us help you pick the right style and connection that is best suited for YOUR business.

Structural steel storage racks are made from hot steel which is rolled to make I beams and C channels. Structural steel is one of the strongest known building materials.

Roll formed rack starts as a coil of steel.  While it is flat, the steel is processed through a punch that punches the holes which will later be used to attach the beams. After the steel has been punched it is sent through rollers which shape the steel.

closed speedrack - Rack Education

Clip Together Roll Formed Rack

Lightweight and easy to move

Uses less steel which reduces cost

High weight capacities

Less expensive to install

Damage requires immediate repair or replacement

Strong because of its shape, but once compromised, it loses its strength

Easily damaged

Requires more maintenance than structural

bolt together structural rack - Rack Education

Bolt Together Structural Rack

Bolted Connection

More abuse / impact resistant

Can cut and weld for repair

More expensive


More costly to install

knock down rack - Rack Education

Knockdown Rack

Easier and less expensive to freight

Easier to reconfigure or repair

Reduced lead times

Lower material costs

Painted or galvanized finish

welded rack - Rack Education

Welded Rack


Uprights with offset or slope-back front legs, or with seismic or full-depth base plates, are generally stronger

Welded-on seismic base plates allow for beam placement at ground level

Less staging area required

Quicker installation

Lower installation costs

In case you are new to the industry, we have provided a basic rack terminology with graphics to help you.

Visit other pages in our website like Selective Rack, Upright Protectors, Rack Repair KitsAutomated Systems , or any other product of interest for more education.

Should you buy used pallet rack or new? Learn the advantages and disadvantages and then make an educated decision.

Used Pallet Rack

Less expensive than new rack

Can be refurbished to look like new

Purchase components to add to existing rack

Quick lead time when in stock

Used rack is harder to locate in a down economy

Limited in configurations, size, and colors

Damaged rack can lead to safety issue

No Warranty

New & Custom Rack

New rack is typically higher quality for optimal safety and performance

Customized design options are available to fit specific warehouses for maximum efficiency

New rack can be designed to meet special requirements for seismic zones

Newer designs can accommodate specific capacities including higher PSI ranges

Standard quick ship options with short lead times are available

Customers chose standard paint colors for a sleek new look

New rack is RMI compliant

Manufacturer warranty

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