Safety Guardrail

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High Visibility Barrier

Our protective guardrail systems are painted safety yellow and provide a highly visible physical barrier that guards expensive equipment, shields key work areas and helps define traffic patterns in your plant or facility.

Tests confirm that a properly installed guard rail will absorb severe impacts from forklifts or other equipment up to a 13,000 lb. load impact at 4 mph, without failure.

  • Safety guardrails are available in single, double or triple rail design.
  • Column centers are identical for standard and lift-out guard rails.
  • All guardrail components include necessary hardware and anchors.
  • Specifications: 24″-120″ Length Centers on 12″ increments
  • Lift-out rails available for access to machinery for servicing equipment, cleaning or repairing.

How to Choose Guardrail:

  • Choose the height of your system. Steel Guard is available in either single or double high.
  • Choose Post Type. Standard corner posts are available. Center posts are available in four options: standard, standard offset, end offset and side offset.
  • Choose your rail lengths. Note that rails are measured from post-to-post, on center.
  • Choose bolted or lift-out rail. The lift-out rail provides equipment protection while still enabling easy access when needed.
  • Choose your configuration. Several options including optional side angle are available. Let us help you determine the right configuration for your warehouse.
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