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Disinfect your warehouse

During this challenging time, we are finding new, different, and incredible uses of products we already sell and use.

In the summer. we are all looking for a "mister", something to help keep us cool. In a warehouse, having an industrial strength "mister" is bound to mean a great deal to employees.

Now a "mister" can have the same importance to employees, just turned to a different use.

Industrial Strength Evaporative Cooler

What does it do?

  • Using a powerful dispersal mechanism, this product sprays a large area with disinfectant
  • The cooler converts CDC recommended disinfectants to vapor using atomizing technology
  • The vapor is sprayed (like water from a mister) up to 65 feet long and 60 feet wide

What are the benefits?

  • The cooler gives you the ability to basically coat your warehouse in disinfectant
  • CDC guidelines say disinfectant must be a "film" and must sit for 10 minutes to combat the spread of Covid-19 and this machine provides that capability
  • Disinfect large areas at once but also protect against future spread of disease
  • Film on surfaces keeps the virus from spreading
  • Approved disinfectants can be found here:


  • 80 gallon tank holds liquid disinfectant
  • Heavy duty latches
  • Transport handle
  • OSHA Compliant
  • ETL and NOM Certified
  • Oscillating
  • 1 HP motor
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