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Domevex Mirror - Domes and Mirrors

Best view in the warehouse

One of the biggest issues in any warehouse is traffic control and safety.  There are several ways to address this problem but one unique way is with domes and mirrors.

DomeVexConvex mirror - Domes and Mirrors

  • Unique wide view design
  • 180 Degrees low distortion viewing
  • View Up to 100 feet in any direction
  • Shatter resistant acrylic mirror
  • Largest viewing area in the industry

Other Benefits

  • Available in full, half, and quarter domes
  • Available in polycarbonate if needed
  • Corner mount great for 2-way intersections
  • Ceiling mount corner mount with 270° viewing for 4-way intersections
  • Available with caution stripes which are excellent for pedestrian walkways

Convex Detection Mirrors

  • Wide angle vision to see around corners
  • 20% brighter than glass mirrors
  • One foot of viewing distance for every inch of dome diameter
  • Mount at the end of alternating aisles
  • Position to reflect a hidden area for a forklift operator