Upright Column Protection | Mathand | Material Handling Systems

Our state of the art rack protectors attach to your rack uprights, protecting them from damage caused by forklift collisions and other sources.

Non serious injuries related to forklift accidents are 61,800 per year. This would include bumps and collisions with structures such as racking, where asset and rack protector technology is installed to minimize damage and injury.

Benefits of Upright Column Protection

  • Easy Install – No tools needed! Mathand’s rack protectors connect directly to the upright without anchoring into the floor.
  • Highly Visible – Each rack protector is constructed with flexible EVA material and available in safety yellow.
  • Durable – Our rack protectors exceed the European FEM standard of 400 N/m protection. In crash testing with 5,000 lb of capacity forklifts at 3 mph, no visible damage to upright, forklift or product was reported. Our rack protectors can even be used in cool environments with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.
  • Variety  – We offer multiple sizes to fit most Roll Form or Structural Uprights with a height of 18”. Models available for low beam installation and for use at the end of racks.


Contoured Rack Protection

  • Mathand is proud to offer the same quality Upright Protection re-imagined
  • Our contoured rack protectors feature tapered arms that reduce the rear face by more than 90%, making them almost invisible to forklift drivers on exit.
  • An improved design allows them to fit over beam connector hardware.
  • Round edges and a slimmer profile reduce the footprint and increase the rack clearance available to forklift drivers, but still fit securely.




Rack Corner Protection

  • Offers 270 degress of column protection on both the front and the back end from collisions.
  • These complement existing Rack Sentry products for complete coverage.
  • Our Rach Corner Protectors ideally fit 3″ wide Uprights, but can fit other sizes as well.