Upright Column Protection

Protect your investment today. Our state of the art rack protectors attach to your rack uprights, protecting them from damage from forklift collisions and other sources.

  • Easy Install – no tools needed! Connects directly to the upright without anchoring into the floor.
  • Highly Visible – constructed with flexible EVA material & available in safety yellow
  • Durable – Exceeds European FEM standard of 400 N/m protection. In crash testing with 5,000 lb capacity forklifts at 3 mph, no visible damage to upright, forklift or product reported. Can even be used in cool environments with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.
  • Variety – Multiple sizes to fit most Roll Form or Structural uprights with a height of 18”. Models available for low beam installation and for use at the end of racks.


Contoured Rack Protection

  • Same quality Upright Protection – re-imagined
  • Tapered arms on the Contour reduct the rear face by more than 90%, making it almost invisible to forklift drivers on exit.
  • Improved design to fit over beam connector hardware.
  • Round edges and a slimmer profile reduce the footprint and increase the rack clearance available to forklift drivers but still fit securely.




Rack Corner Protection

  • 270 degress of protection
  • Protects both the front and the end from collisions
  • Complements existing Rack Sentry products for complete coverage
  • Ideally fits 3″ wide uprights but can fit other sizes as well