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Improving Operator Safety

Material Handling solutions aren’t always about storage – sometimes you have to take a step back from your Pallet Rack and make sure the working environment is safe.

Let us help you choose the right products and equipment to protect your most important asset – your people.

Playing it safe has never been more appropriate (or easier). Check out these products and our other Safety products located under the Protection/Safety section of our website.

Similar to a back up or safety light, the “Arrow Spotter” projects an arrow – either blue or red – 10 to 20 feet in front or behind the forklift.  This gives additional warning when a truck is approaching to a pedestrian or another truck.

The Arrow Spotter provides important an important precaution for pedestrians as the bright arrows not only warn a forklift is coming around a blind corner, but the arrows tell which direction the forklift is traveling. This is an extra crucial benefit to collision avoidance products.

  • Available in red or blue
  • Mount on front or rear of forklift
  • Easy install
  • Arrow is large and bright

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These bumpers reduce damage from impacts anywhere on the forklift, even on the forks to prevent product damage. 

  • Attach with 2 one hundred pound magnets
  • Bend 90 degrees
  • Come in yellow or black
  • Made of soft plastic that will absorb energy 
  • Specifically designed for forklifts

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The Back-SavR provides additional protection when backing up near racking systems for operators in standup forklifts. 

  • Fits most major models of reach and standup lift trucks
  • Uses a highly visible bumber guard to further protect the operator
  • Takes only minutes to install

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Dome mirrors installed in a lift truck allow the operator 180 degrees of view around the lift truck, especially suited for traveling in reverse. The Back-up mirror can be installed with double-sided tape or a magnetic arm. Mirrors are also available in 2 other types:

  • Wide Magnetic Mirror providing a wide-angle view of the operator’s surroundings for safety. Mounts on the overhead guard in seconds using a magnetic arm
  • Side Magnetic Mirror providing a side-view of the operator’s surroundings and can be mounted anywhere in the operator’s compartment using a magnetic arm

The Safe-Lite alerts pedestrians of forklifts approaching blind corners or entering and exiting trailers. The blue LED light is an intense warning that can be seen 10 to 20 feet ahead of the forklift. It can also be installed as a rear-facing light, or on any other piece of equipment. Safe LiteFront 800px - Forklift Accessories

Provides 360° of protection for pedestrians and operators alike. It is especially useful for blind intersections and rack aisles, warning pedestrians where they should – and shouldn’t – walk. 

  • The Forklift SafetyZone is available in Front, Rear, and Side versions
  • The Forklift Rear Spotter projects a bright blue beam of light behind the forklift
  • The Front Spotter shines a bright white light in the front of the forklift 
  • The Side Spotter shines a red light to either side of the forklift

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Help your operators reduce strain and improve their day with an easily installed Backup Handle, and keep them safer by allowing them to keep their hands inside the operator compartment. 

  • Provides a safe place to grab when moving in reverse
  • Eases back stress
  • Fits any lift truck
  • Installs in minutes
  • Optional horn switch lets operator sound the horn from the handle, not changing his position

ErgoBackupHandle - Forklift Accessories

Did you ever want to know that your forks were level?

Try the Flat Fork, a digital Fork Tilt Indicator

Flat Fork is a digital fork level indicator that quickly and effectively shows forklift operators if their forks are level. Models are available for both counterbalanced forklifts (mast tilt) & reach trucks (fork carriage tilt).

  • Reduces damage to products, pallets, and racks
  • Easy to install in less than 1 minute with magnets
  • Runs on D batteries
  • Increases productivity because operators can work faster and easier
  • Built to last 10+ years
  • No tools required for installation
  • Accurate within .25 of a degree
  • Motion activated
  • Works with attachments as well as standard forks
  • Portable – you can move to other trucks
  • Rust proof and durable – can work outside even in wet weather
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