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Inspect and Repair Uprights

Mathand is proud to offer our customers installation of Upright Repair Kits. When a pallet rack gets damaged, it’s commonly caused by forklift damage, an overloaded rack, operational changes not supported by the rack design, faulty equipment, or racks with mixed manufacture component combinations. One of the best steps you can take to prevent injury and avoid hefty OSHA fines is to frequently inspect your pallet racks for damage.


When you perform a visual pallet rack inspection, be sure to look for the following signs of potential damage:

  • Tilted or misalignment of beams and racks
  • Overloaded or misloaded racks
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Bent or damaged uprights and beams
  • Incorrect beam hardware or faulty attachments

Repair vs Replace

The benefits of repairing your pallet rack instead of replacing it

  • Limited warehouse workflow disruption
  • Less loading and unloading of new parts for installation
  • The same pallet rack repair kit may be used on damages at similar heights.
  • Can be less expensive than shipping new uprights, especially when your current uprights are custom or very tall.
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Can't Do the Inspection?

Do Not Worry! Hire Mathand to do a professional inspection of your whole facility. Click the button to schedule today.

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  • Returns front frame post to its original condition
  • Accommodates nearly all beam heights.
  • Reuses existing factory bracing or accommodates new bracing as needed.
  • Repair column is reinforced with an additional back column increasing damage resistance by over 250%.
  • Manufactured with minimum of 12 gauge steel.
  • Best used when multiple lower beam levels exist.
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Straight Leg

  • Double-leg front frame post repair kit.
  • High impact deflecting front column.
  • Three heavy duty 3/4″ x 7″ anchors – two in the front footplate and one in back footplate, providing exceptional strength.
  • Bolted installation. Requires no field welding.
  • Bolts thru existing holes in frame when possible, making installation easy and fast.
  • Accommodates beam levels with the addition of beam hanger brackets.
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Sloped/Cant Leg

  • Slant leg kit can drastically reduce lower rack damage by moving the front post 9″ back from its original position.
  • Forklift/outrigger contact is virtually eliminated.
  • Pallet swing area greatly increased.
  • Utilizes three 3/4″ x 7″ heavy duty anchors