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Creating Safety at Heights

You are using High Density storage (Push Back, Double Deep, Pallet Flow, AS/RS). What do you do when a cart gets stuck, or debris needs to be cleared, or you need to have a Rack Inspection performed at height?

We have a solution.

A Maintenance and Retrieval Cart that creates an engineered safe zone for your workers at height - where you need them. Operators can perform maintenance, repair, and inspections deep inside racking structures and at height.

Did you know that you must have an engineered anchor point for tie off? And that Racking structures do not provide this?

How it works:

  • A solution is custom designed for your needs based off a site visit
  • Load the Cart into the correct area using your existing forklift or other material handling equipment
  • The Cart travels the full distance of the high density Rack System, providing a safe, engineered anchor point for your operators to take care of whatever task needs doing

Don't Be A Statistic

14% of all fatal occupational injuries occurred as a result of a fall to a lower level.