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Professional Inspection

Here at Mathand we have professional rack inspectors that can get your warehouse repaired in no time. Click the link below to schedule your rack inspection today or chat with one of our professionals.

Upright Repair Kits

Rack upright repair kits are essential components for maintaining the structural integrity of pallet racks in a warehouse or storage facility. These are designed to address the damage to upright frames in pallet rack systems. Damage can occur due to forklift collisions, impacts, or other incidents, compromising the structural stability of the racks. We offer:

  • Structural Repair Kit
  • Roll Form Repair Kit
  • Welded Repair Kits
  • Installation of Repair Kit

Don't leave your upright damaged, click below to get started!

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Maintenance & Retrieval Cart

Whenever you have racking that is giving you problems, it is sometimes dangerous for employees to try and fix the issue. For example, if a pushback cart was stuck and someone went into the racking to try and fix this could be a very dangerous situation. Let us help with your problems:

  • Retrieval Cart

Ensure the problem is fixed safely. Click below to find out more!

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