Upright Repair Kits


  • Returns front frame post to its original condition
  • Accommodates nearly all beam heights.
  • Reuses existing factory bracing or accommodates new bracing as needed.
  • Repair column is reinforced with an additional back column increasing damage resistance by over 250%.
  • Manufactured with minimum of 12 gauge steel.
  • Best used when multiple lower beam levels exist.

straight-leg-rack-repair-kitStraight Leg

  • Double-leg front frame post repair kit.
  • High impact deflecting front column.
  • Three heavy duty 3/4″ x 7″ anchors – two in the front footplate and one in back footplate, providing exceptional strength.
  • Bolted installation. Requires no field welding.
  • Bolts thru existing holes in frame when possible, making installation easy and fast.
  • Accommodates beam levels with the addition of beam hanger brackets.

sloped-leg-rack-repair-kitSloped Leg

  • Slant leg kit can drastically reduce lower rack damage by moving the front post 9″ back from its original position.
  • Forklift truck/outrigger contact is virtually eliminated.
  • Pallet swing area greatly increased

Cant Leg

  • Heavy-duty structural steel for use in most demanding areas.
  • Forklift/outrigger contact is virtually eliminated.
  • Pallet swing area greatly increased.
  • Utilizes three 3/4″ x 7″ heavy duty anchors