Roll-Out Rack

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Fully-Extendable Shelves

New heavy-duty roll-out racking is an innovative new storage solution ideal for use in industrial manufacturing facilities. Featuring fully-extendable shelves, roll-out racking allows for quick, easy and safe access, placement and retrieval of high density materials. Roll-out racking is built tough to store heavy materials such as machine parts and castings. The roll-out function allows access to the total depth of each shelf, effectively tripling storage density while allowing for easy machine loading using cranes, magnets, sheet lifts, slings or vacuum lifters.

Roll-Out Racking Specs

  • Up to 5,000 lb. load capacity per shelf
  • Solid steel top deck for additional storage
  • Shelves can be adjusted on 3” centers to maximize storage potential
  • Ships unassembled to minimize freight costs
  • Can be installed using simple hand tools
  • Standard sizes range from 3’W x 3’D to 8’W x 8’D with 3 height options – 5’, 6’, & 7’
  • Available in both starter and add-on units