Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Rack

The most popular type of rack is Selective Rack, so called because it allows easy selection, normally by service (truck) aisles. Selective Rack does not make the most complete use of floor space due to the aisles required, but may be the ideal solution for many companies. These systems can increase storage density through the integration of gravity flow tracks or pushback carts, allowing for deeper storage and less aisle space.

  • Welded Uprights (Trusses) can be supplied from a light 3″ (3″ x 3.5#/Ft) column to a heavy 4″ column (4″ x 5.4#/Ft)
  • Any depth and height uprights available
  • Different style uprights are offered: cant leg, reinforced, etc.  Our full selection can be viewed on our uprights page.
  • Our standard beams are available in a variety of channels manufactured to different lengths. This allows us the flexibility to engineer a solution for our customers’ needs.

We supply a no weld and welded connection bracket.  On the no weld connection, it is an interference fit, the holes do not line up with each other.  The bolt is put through the holes at an angle and when tightened the connection is the closest thing on the market to a weld.

On the welded connection, an end connector is welded onto the end of the beams for a straight fit.  This can we used in large or long beams and for an infinitely adjustable fit, if necessary.

Selective Rack Accessories