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Selective Rack

Selective Pallet Racks are an effective and easy to install method of storing pallets one deep from the aisle while utilizing the vertical space.

A Selective Rack is ideal for industrial shelving because it allows easy selection, normally by service (truck) aisles. Selective Rack does not make the most complete use of floor space due to the aisles required, but may be the ideal solution for many companies and their warehouse racking system.

Selective Racking is ideal for companies carrying product lines with high differentiation and low turnover. It is essentially known as a “first in, first out” racking system. This means that the stock added first is also the first stock removed. Selective Racking is ensures perishable products or those with a short shelf life will be turned over effectively.

Benefits of Selective Racking include increased storage density through the integration of gravity flow tracks or pushback carts, allowing for deeper storage and less aisle space. It allows for direct access in every pallet storage.

  • Compared to other racking systems, Selective Racking is the cheapest style of racking per square meter. 
  • Multiple access is possible wherein more than one truck can go in the same aisle.
  • There are no special truck requirements.
  • The floor level is not critical for front loads. 

Mathand provides custom designed Selective Pallet Racks with 38 years of installation experience! We are proud to ship nationwide and can be reached Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST.

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