Roll Back Rack

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Greatly Increase Pallet Density

For maximum pallet rack storage in a given area, the Modular Rollback System lets you smoothly store up to 14 pallets deep in each bay. This is double the capacity that most other push-back types can handle without difficulty. This reduces the number of aisles needed.

Roll back modules are gravity operated for simple trouble free operation. They use a small amount of vertical space and can handle loads up to 3,000 lbs per pallet.

Benefits of the Modular Roll Back Rack System

  • Greatly increased pallet density
  • Easily stores up to 10 pallets deep in one lane
  • Standard load weight capacities – 500 to 3,000 lbs per pallet
  • Accommodates varying pallet sizes and weights in same lane
  • Conveys non-standard or plastic pallets or containers
  • Loads travel in constant alignment
  • No stack-up considerations – even past 5 pallet positions
  • Modular design allows for easy addition or reduction of lanes
  • Installed on Structural Rack
  • Full engineering and design included
  • Supersedes carts
  • Enclosed Wheel Design

Closely spaced, rotating carrier beams accept loads of various sizes safely and evenly. Entry positions utilize a solid steel deck with load stop. This efficient design allows trouble-free performance without loose carts or power requirements.