Push Back Rack

Selectivity in horizontal & vertical storage plane while maintaining multiple pallets stored in depth. 
Flexibility Systems can be 2 to 7 pallets deep based on your storage needs.
Versatility. Frames can be arranged in a straight line (front to back) or a staggered pattern. Systems can be placed back to back for a maximum of 14 pallets deep of storage.

Push Back systems are a LIFO System (Last in, First Out).  Designed for high-density, multiple product storage needs, the first pallet is loaded and it sits on the first cart. The second pallet is loaded and “pushes back” the cart behind it one position. This allows the last loaded inventory to be the first picked, providing multiple pick-facing with high throughput. The end result is excellent selectivity, yet higher density storage to best optimize your space. 

As an added feature, the system can provide a safety bar between the rails for the last pallet stored on the rails. The patented staggered pattern reduces the column load which reduces loading on the floor. It also reduces the capacity required on the support beam, thus reducing the height of the beam and increasing the available vertical height.

Push Back Racking Specifications & Advantages:

  • 3″ x 7.5#/ft I Beam Rail
  • Pallet Stops at the front of the rack
  • Infinitely Adjustable Rails
  • Precision bearing wheels with side shields and 1,700# capacity each
  • Lower carts are 3″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/4″ angle
  • All top carts are a minimum 3″ x 1 1/2″ x 14 ga. tube
  • Carts are pallet size
  • Carts are color coded for easy    visibility and inventory capability (Painted Only)
  • Carts are independent from each other (This keeps the pallet from sitting on 2 carts at the  same time and losing a pallet position)
  • Cart wheels ride on the top sides of the bottom flanges of the I-Beam rail. Carts cannot be accidentally removed, but can easily be installed or removed through specially designed notches in the top flanges.
  • Minimum of 3 left to right supports per cart
  • Weak or damaged pallets are supported on all 4 sides and with a middle support to keep the carts from hanging up. Special supports are available in the last pallet position when needed.

Note:  The slope of the rails is only 3/16″ per foot and the force required to push pallets into the rack is 2% of the load pushed (2000# x 2%= 40#)