Replacement-Carton Flow Rack

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Reliably Control Your Inventory

D2™ pre-assembled carton flow tracks are designed to fit any existing carton flow shelf structure without the need for tools. The heavy-duty full shelf design allows you to slot any product in any slot without the need for track reconfiguration. The heavy duty steel axle provides more than twice the loading capacity of traditional carton flow, and drastically reduces damage.

Maximum space utilization from a carton flow wheeled system, over 90% with multiple carton sizes and weights. Product offers great wheel coverage with virtually no hang-ups. Inventory control is improved with reliable performance and no chance of product falling between tracks.

  • Superior tracking of carton flow methods compared to roller flow systems eliminates the need for a full length divider, and leads to less hang-ups.
  • Freewheeler 1.125″ diameter X 1.4″ wide wheel provides more surface for better package and carton support and requires no maintenance.
  • Specially lubricated axles provide smooth carton flow with virtually no hang-ups.
  • Entry & exit brackets mount into beam connectors without tools or loss of clearance.
  • Unparalleled strength from specially designed C-channels.
  • Extension feet attachments for mounting to all makes/models of carton flow shelves.
  • Designed to fit inside beams, meaning no interference with labels or pick to light displays.
  • Tracks are installed up to 4 times faster than traditional carton flow tracks