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Repair Key 246 1 - Professional Rack Inspection
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Freezer 13 - Professional Rack Inspection
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Rack Inspections are essential once a year. Let us help find a solution for your damages today.

Inspections consist of:
·  Site visit by one of our experienced rack inspectors.
·  Visual inspection of the following from floor (and scissor-lift if provided):
All anchors that are visible for presence and proper installation.
All visible frame structure (horizontals, diagonals, columns), beams, row spacers and wire mesh deck for damage and stability.
All visible push back carts (if any) for smooth function.
*  Safety Areas (e.g. single rows of racking without fall protection, exposed items such as building columns, fire suppression, ladder gates to roof, etc.)
·  We will be alert you if racking should be tagged as not safe for loading.


After the Inspection, Mathand will provide you with:
·  Rack layout drawing of facility with inspection findings indicated.
·  Pictures of excessive damaged areas.
·  Proposal with associated replacement rack and/or repair materials and installation costs.
·  Weight Capacities per racking can be provided from an outside engineering company- Additional cost would apply.


·  Damage may occur after inspection has been completed and prior to repair/replacement.
·  Not all racking can be seen during an inspection due to product storage.

Keep Safety a Priority

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