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Mathand offers a wide variety of services and support to help you with all your material handling needs. Choosing the right partner to help can get your problem solved in a timely manner.

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Professional Rack Inspections

Mathand conducts specialized inspections of your facility, examining each section of your racking to ensure it adheres to the highest standards. During our visit, we not only check your racking for damage, but we also take precise measurements of your facility. This attention to detail is crucial as it enables us to accurately identify any damages and ensures that we get the exact parts needed for repair. Our comprehensive approach guarantees a thorough assessment and targeted solutions, reinforcing the safety and efficiency of your warehouse infrastructure.


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Configuration & Design

Collaborating on a project with Mathand, we transform your vision for an upgrade into a meticulously crafted layout drawing of your facility. Our process provides a clear visualization of your current racking setup alongside the proposed upgrade, offering a comprehensive preview of the transformation. These custom designs and drawings are exclusively crafted for your project, incorporating color-coded elements to provide a detailed representation of the proposed enhancements. This ensures a precise and vivid depiction of the changes, empowering you with a thorough understanding of the planned upgrade for your facility.


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The implementation of new racking systems in a warehouse could require a permit, this is contingent on local regulations, building codes, and safety criteria. Should your project fall into this category, there's no need for concern – with Mathand, we ensure your project is executed seamlessly. We handle the entire permit process on your behalf, overseeing the certification and stamping of your plans. Trust us to navigate, and we ensure your project not only meets, but exceeds the required standards.


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Project Management

Leveraging over 40 years of project management experience, at Mathand we want a seamless journey from project initiation to the final product. Our commitment to transparency sets us apart — and we maintain continuous communication with our clients, keeping them well-informed at every stage of their project. In the rare instance of issues arising, we address them head-on, providing swift resolutions. While challenges are infrequent, rest assured that if they do arise, our priority is to resolve them promptly, underscoring our dedication to a smooth and successful project outcome.


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Coordinated Shipping

At Mathand, a specialized team is devoted to expertly managing all freight and logistics. This commitment ensures the shipment and delivery of materials crucial for your project. With the constant shifting of product lead times, we meticulously schedule so that all materials arrive promptly. Our proactive approach aims to eliminate any delays in the installation of your project, ensuring swift deployment and seamless functionality. We prioritize swift material delivery, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction every time.


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Our experienced installation team places safety at the forefront, guaranteeing precise, timely, and professional installations. Fully licensed, insured, and armed with the industries newest tools, we are dedicated to achieving a seamless and secure execution for every project.


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