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Easy High Density Picking

SpeedCell is a steel suspension track system that fits into existing selective rack. Columns are suspended between tracks that allow front and center rows to have left to right movement. Columns are high- strength, lightweight, non-fraying material made of mold and fire resistant, food-safe polyester mesh textile with PVC double laminated on both sides. SpeedCell is completely customizable.

  • Min Cell/Column Dims: 6″W x 2″H x 9″D
  • Max Cell/Column Dims: 24″W x X”H x 24″D
  • Max Row Depth: 1-4 Rows (Standard), 3-8 Rows (w/ Bay Extender) Per Bay Of Single-Deep Selective Rack
  • Max Weight per Cell (Shelf): 35 lbs
  • Max Column Weight: 240 lbs
  • With over 20 columns fitting easily in a standard 8 ft bay – that’s 4800 lbs per bay!
  • Warranty: Textiles and workmanship are guaranteed under warranty for 5 years