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Reduce pick errors=increased efficiency

Pick-to-light pick systems provide a cost effective solution for material handling companies that do a high volume of small SKU products. The system simplifies order fulfillment during the picking process by using light-signals to direct the warehouse personnel to both the right bin and the right number of items to pick

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The Pick-to-Light system streamlines warehouse operations while minimizing errors and improving the accuracy of sales monitoring and inventory reporting. It also significantly reduces the training required for warehouse employees.

Pick-to-Light processes utilize light-up displays on product bins and shelves. These displays align with the product type and quantity required for a picker to fulfill an order or re-stock merchandise. The light is extinguished when the picker removes the correct amount of the specified product from the batch. The picker then moves on to the next product on the order indicated by the light up display.

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Benefits of Pick-To-Light

  • Quickly find the correct bin by using LED displays
  • LED lights also display the correct number of items to be picked
  • Versatile, easy-to-install system with a wide range of applications
  • Up to 3 times faster than most standard order picking systems
  • 5 color picklight
  • Detailed analysis available
  • Training time for new employees is very low and easy to onboard

The multifunctionality of Pick-To-Light technology streamlines all areas of product ordering, fulfillment, and inventory management. Businesses can quickly identify which products are in the highest demand and adjust inventory amounts for best selling products, minimizing wait time and maximizing client satisfaction.

Mathand’s expertise in these systems was highlighted recently. Our Vice President of Sales, Damon Costner, visited warehouses around the country that are utilizing the Pick-to-Light product. Using a matrix designed specifically for this task, Damon graded each facility on efficiency and the best use of the product to share what we’ve learned with all our customers.

If you would like to take advantage of our experience with Pick-to-Light systems, please contact us. We are available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.