Gravity Conveyor

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Move products efficiently

Gravity conveyor products meet a wide range of unit handling applications from the manufacturing floor to the retail store. Due to their low cost and ease of installation, gravity conveyors are much more economical than other types of conveyor. Gravity conveyor is used to transport product on a level push line or a pitched gravity flow line.

Most loads with a firm, flat bottom surface may be handled on gravity conveyor, either on a level push line or a gravity pitched line. Push lines require manual assistance to move the product along, where the slope is adjusted on pitched lines, allowing the natural force of gravity to move the product along, so that little or no assistance is required.


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, including steel for permanent installations and aluminum when portability is a requirement.
  • Multiple standard widths and lengths available manufactured “to the inch” provide flexibility for almost any situation.
  • Gravity Conveyors come in expandable and flexible to load over the road trailers.