Semi-Automated System

semi automated main mathand square d8afcb3505abd79140f82e9a4ba292a5 wyivkzfpmuge - Semi-Automated System

Increase storage density and efficiency

Semi automated systems are high density storage systems that allow you to store multiple pallets in a deep lane configuration. The system also gives you the flexibility of retrieving pallets from any lane with multiple SKU locations without driving into the system.

A semi-automated system is a great option for companies looking to improve their manufacturing process but are not able to completely remove their operator assistance. These systems should be considered if your company involves some aspects of assembly that are too difficult to be performed reliably by a fully automated system.

Pallets are loaded and unloaded into the system from the first or “Home” position at either end with a cart. The cart is controlled by a hand-held radio transmitter which allows the carts to perform multiple functions to suit your storage needs. The cart is designed to transport pallets being stored into the system, and retrieve the pallets as needed for shipment. This allows storage systems to be much deeper than other high-density systems.

You can count on Mathand after over 40 years of experience to provide you a custom designed semi-automated system for your specific warehouse needs.

lifo fifo - Semi-Automated System

In LIFO (Last In, First Out), pallets are loaded into the system and out of the system using the semi automated cart from main aisles. In FIFO (First In, First Out), pallets are loaded into the system from one aisle and unloaded from another.

80 20 rule - Semi-Automated System

Semi automated storage systems work in conjunction with a picking system maintaining the 80 – 20 Rule, whereby 20% of your SKUs represent 80% of your volume. The 80% of the volume (20% of SKUs) will be stored and distributed using the semi automated system. The remaining 20% would be stored on the floor, in a gravity rack or selective rack system.

case picking - Semi-Automated System

The semi automated cart can be used in conjunction with other storage systems including case pick environments such as pallet flow. High density storage is achieved in the upper levels while case picking occurs in corridors through the system.