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Flexible Conveyor Container

Autocruiser is a special kind of Container Conveyor. Autocruiser is an internal transport system designed for low to medium throughput, with its highest efficiency around 600 units per hour. The system connects to the standard power network with battery powered vehicles to give you flexibility in your Material Handling needs.

Autocruiser Advantages

  • Easily installed
  • No cabling alongside the tracks
  • Energy savings of up to 70% compared to forklifts
  • Exapandable
  • Easily change layout and direction
  • The vehicles use batteries that are recharged along the tracks and during loading and unloading

How it works

  • Designed to manually load and unload, the operator programs the destination by attaching a label that is read at decisions points
  • Practically any size transport unit weight up to 66 LBs and measuring up to 15.7 IN by 23.6 IN
  • Throughput lesser than or equal to 600 units per hour